Born in December 1990, music and especially singing have always been my passion. With my older brother playing the piano I have had the possibility of making music with others since the beginning of my musical development.

At the age of eleven I started taking classical singing lessons (after several years of piano, flute and bass lessons), but soon discovered that I preferred jazz music. That is why two years later I decided to start having private singing lessons with Regina Mester.

From the year 2004 on I played with different bands and musicians in various genres and also started writing original songs.

After graduating from high school in Germany, where I was born and raised, I decided to move to my parents’ native county: The Netherlands.

In 2014 I graduated from the Conservatory of Utrecht and in 2017 from the Master’s program at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, both cum laude. During my Master's I was researching how to implement Indian rhythm in my music.